How to Locate and Track Stolen Phone


How to find a lost phone present time

Hello everyone, Friends, today we will talk about in this blog of the updates smartphones, though Android phone today is added to the work cost, and has now Android phones have obviously all, so any lost phone has been simple thing but still sometimes this happens to your phone lose you and you want to back up your mobile phone because adding your very important data, which cannot get back to you, that is Have the person is not an option, local-phone

Because you another mobile phone cannot make your data can buy, but again, that in this case, you cannot do anything and just think that I wish to get your phone somehow,

While it’s hard to get lost latest phone because we are rare already lost to cell phone today’s digital time,

However, you can try a few methods you can plant back phone your lost, so when you get back any of your lost phones is very low, but if you have something necessary from their phones the setting is kept so you must determine the location of your phone,

Lost phone’s location to be

Mobile Tracker – if you do not have the latest Android mobile phone, and just a basic smartphone, so you come from the name of an application mobile tracker in almost all smartphones can use the mobile tracker, you very simply make it start it requires some settings.
Mobile Tracker is not a software that must allow you to track your phone, this software offers two methods of working before it is lost which if your phone works without the Internet, and if anyone she meets phone.

if the person who put your SIM card in your mobile phone so you immediately will receive an SMS, which you will find the number of the person’s SIM card.
also by the software Internet Will also send you a location SMS to the phone

Google Location  – second best option so far, which is used very much in Android phones, and almost all Android phones first, which we know as Google Location or Device Manager
is special about this service this is not software that installed on the phone, it’s all Android phones that Google’s service, and it is moving the id of your Gmail,
if you have your Android phone Has logged his Gmail id, so you can easily find your phone

For this, you just open the Play Store Just Gmail account from your computer’s browser from which you opened the Play Store on your Android phone
in your computer’s browser when you open the Play Store, you’ll get an option Device Manager, the device manager Option to open the
device open Manager, you’ll see a map, and you’ll see the location of your phone on the map, your phone this Statement The will is in this place, or what area you would like,

The device is a special thing Manager Service also is can lock your phone with you that there is, or if by mistake you forgot to your phone silent; you can ring your phone’s ringtone, Android phone to Advance, if your phone is in silent mode, only to then your Android device you click the manager will look to ring your phone ringtone

Only then is an option which can significantly advance that you used in the last case, that have lost your phone and you are not able to find it and a few important papers inside the phone, documents, or photos, a video, etc.

so you can format your phone here, when you click the phone will be automatically formatted and contains the entire data itself will be deleted must do so if you lose the phone So that your personal data will not in any wrong hands

Keep in mind that some things

  1. First we have to let you have the get your lost phone is a bit difficult to do it often does not take you to find your phone here is, so if you lose your phone and you must return to real on the phone bill should definitely written with complaint at the nearest police station about, because some may find such Sewage occurs by which we true to your phone location, but services not for the public In winter, they can only use the police department or mobile company.
  2. Android Device Manager is a very good service then identifies locations precisely 99 percent, but this location you can find out only when Loken setting your lost phone already has started, and if you lost your Android location setting the phone had to deactivate, then Android device will not be the location of the phone in manager
  3. Android devise you can play your phone’s ringtone through the manager and can your phone format, but location setting is powered by the Internet, so sometimes show location only meters away on the Internet, you location Well visible, but will be within a few meters
  4. When your phone is lost and whom he found the phone, if he keeps turning off the phone, or SIM keeps nickel, or use the phone on airplane mode so you Czech or delete your phone cannot, it must have a SIM card or Internet Activate the phone
  5. The person got the phone if that person has been formatted to your phone will be gone by the id of the phone of your Gmail, because of which you can no longer Czech location of the phone,

We hope you have noticed all these things, even when your phone is lost, if the same time you may immediately Czech on your phone to Android Device Manager will then have had the phone not, in which case you must your phone can find, but if someone were to get that phone, which is already known to feature all of the Android phones, it’s hard to get your phone,

So to try to pronounce the SIM card with your phone use the PIN lock security, which can not use an incorrect your SIM card
so suit all these options if your phone cannot find you, you cop should complain because mobile Operator and police can find the department phone, whether the phone format or not

I hope you would have liked this post, if you feel something is missing in this post you can give us your opinion Comment



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