How to Care Hard Drives and Make Them Last Longer

Best Tips For External Hard Disk Perfect Safety

Or maybe you have an external hard disk to be used when you have to keep your important data, a must in an extra hard disk to keep up with all of the today’s time, the way you drive your data online keep in Cloud drive, but you’ll need a faster Internet for it, and if you have a fast internet connection so you can keep data on the Internet.



Means 5GB since you will not be able to keep data will give you a few rupees to keep the data above, which can give you every month or every year

So, in a way it would be too expensive, you do not have a mess to be provided per month to keep their own data, it is good to buy an external hard disk that is economical and repeatedly

But external hard disk must also handle you, because to keep delicately occurs and its use has not been properly then it can be bad and you can get all the data is bad, external hard disk to your important data occurs and if placed in your data in the hard disk in a hard disk is damaged, it can be your great loss,

External Hard Disk Impotent Tips

But if you’re using an external hard disk, you’ll need to keep some things in mind so you can avoid damage to your hard disk, as well as the long-term use of your hard disk

Transport Hard Disk Carefully:

Hard disk focus is to the external hard disk on the hard disk of the laptop and the laptop is very delicate, so when you are taking care of the hard disk is going to take anywhere your hard disk Note If you think a sharp blow to the hard disk may be a problem in the hard disk

Scan Regularly:

Your hard disk has been scanned at the time, had not been to the hard disk on any computer which does not have antivirus, giving the virus to come into your hard disk, could add autorun caused by viruses, which cause the data can be the hard disk bad

Eject HDD Using Safely Remove Option:

Whenever you get to use the hard disk to take him to eject from the mind, if you can be on the hard disk will eject the computer even if the data of hard disk breakdown, as well as the bad sector in the hard disk

Defragment Hard Drive:

Hard disk gets to live in a fully Defragment definitely pronounce, which kept the data look like a computer for 3 months or cash, and the remaining space is the Stitejhi

Check for Bad Sectors:

Parts or all of the hard disk is where data saved he would be divided into parts sector, 2 sectors save a kb data is, when a sector goes bad, it kept data worse,

And so fix the bad sectors, which is no software, because it has been a problem of the hardware, so any bad sectors on the Czech, and if a bad sector is coming into your hard disk to Service in Center take him or if the warranty has ended so forth is very important data from the hard disk

Don’t use Heavy Portable Apps in External Hard Drive:

Any huge software that is portable run again take copy it directly carried out not by external hard disk, large portable software’s on the first C drive or desktop, making hard disk that stand B stays

There is no way to hard disk properly, is saved on the hard disk of the data magnetic disc, only external part of the hard disk, the board would be fine, but the hard disk of the magnetic plate is not good to be bad can.

Attention to the place where you have a hard disk thread that does not place a crooked move, that once you have the hard disk has to start putting on the computer, can never forget to overwhelm not for you off hard disk him but while the hard disk is reading pin hill leading up to the sound of the ticking of a hard disk,

Whenever the hard disk you did take him a little shake if there is a ticking sound comes is already moving pin her reading comprehension go and it may be hard disk ever worse


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